Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you, Sandman?

I've always raved to Toast about the Sandman comic series by Neil Gaiman. I had a friend who was huge into comics and he thought I'd like these. Well, he was absolutely right! I don't remember a lot about them as it was almost twenty years ago. I just remember they were wicked cool.

Anyhoo, I got Toast a few collections for Xmas and he, after finishing many other things he needed to read first, has been soaking them up like a sponge. For some reason, though, whenever I mention the name "Sandman", his thoughts go to this skit by Lenny Bruce called "Thank You, Masked Man." Of course he titters at the thought, because TYMM is absolutely hilarious. Classic shit. I hope you enjoy it. And definitely check out Sandman if you haven't already.


Toast said...

I wouldn't call it "tittering", but it does crack my shit up.


Chris Howard said...

I've never read Sandman, but I should. I've read just about everything else he's written. Neverwhere and Stardust are really good.