Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Am NOT Meant to Mow the Lawn Today

The first thought in my head when I woke up this morning was, "We should do the lawn first thing before Hanna gets here because we won't be able to do it later today or tomorrow." This summer we've taken to mowing every other weekend, but we really can't let it go longer than that.

When I got up to use the facilities at 7:00, it was already raining. There goes that idea.

The ground was relatively dry around breakfast time (noon today), so I figured we'd better get it in. And by "we", I mean both me and Toast - he does the front and I do the back. I hadn't showered yet, so I decided that I'd do my half first so I could shower while he did his half.

Walking out to the shed to retrieve the lawnmower, I saw poop. Big poop. I am poopophobic. It's probably the main reason I've never owned a dog. Well, that and the fact that they tend to be a little needy. Anyways, I find some leaves to pick it up with, but it's squishy.

I whine to Toast that I can't do the lawn because there's poop and I can't move it. He does the heroic husbandly thing and eradicates the back lawn of the two dastardly doodies.

I get the lawnmower out of the shed. First pull on the cord doesn't start it, but it does shoot a tiny little mouse out of the engine area. He's a little discombobulated. Once he gets his bearing, he tears ass off the front of the mower and lands upside-down in front of the mower. I bend over to look at him and make sure he's okay. He shakes off the fall and runs under the lawnmower. I tell him he's stupid and lift the machine off so he can scurry off to a safer place. He scoots into the flower bed. Okay.

I fire up the lawnmower and start around the outer edge of the yard. I'm at about my fifth pass when the lawnmower stops, just stops cold dead. I checked the gas, but there was still quite a bit in there. Toast came out and checked the oil which was low. I don't know if machines are smart enough to shut down when there's a threat of running out of oil, so I don't know if that's what caused it. All I know is we don't have the kind of oil for the mower, so I will not be mowing the lawn today.

It apparently was not meant to be.


VMH said...

Poop freaks you out but you are worried that the mouse is OK?

Tracy said...

He was a tiny little field mouse about as big as my thumb.

Poop is a terrible side effect of food.

Toast said...

The mower? Air filter. It was almost completely coated in caked-on dirt.