Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Matter of Opinion

So, we're going to Las Vegas for 5 days and four nights. The day temps are expected to be in the 80's and the evenings will be in the 50's. We'll be doing everything from gambling, bar-hopping and fine-dining to gambling, shopping and drinking. Because of the temperature shifts and the varying levels of activities, this is my packing list:

3 cardigans
1 wrap
4 tank tops
2 jeans
4 pants (3 cropped, 1 long)
6 T-shirts
1 long-sleeved T
1 long-sleeved polo
1 long-sleeved sweater
1 silky shirt
3 purses
5 pairs of shoes

This list also covers what I'll be wearing out and back. Too much? Or just right? Don't want to be a suitcase hog. :)


Chris Howard said...

Sounds good. We're usually big overpackers, b ut we've been trying to cut down a bit.

High's in the 80's huh? When we went in May of 2000, the highs were about 110.

Tracy said...

Damn! That's hot even for Vegas. I lived there for a year and a half and the hottest I ever saw was 113.

Toast said...

I was initially horrified by this list, but it turns out all this stuff takes up less space than you'd think (well, except for the shoes). Still, it's a crazy amount of stuff for four nights. But that's my baby.

fridge said...

Wait, we're 'fine dining'?

michelline said...

Meh - I say it's too much. Take 1/2 of that and if you need to, wash it. For dress up, take 1 pair of black dress pants and a couple of different blouses. Then you only need one pair of black shoes for dress up. Then take 2 pairs of jeans. Buy a couple of souvenier t-shirts or tanks out there. For heaven's sake - 1 purse! I don't even carry my purse while on vacation. Everything usually goes in pockets :)

But if you're happy with lugging all that around (or more to the point, if Toast is), then take the whole shebang :)

Tracy said...

Well, not "fine", but the Mexican restaurant is nice.

Eric Wilde said...

Since I'm only staying one night, I'm just bringing one set of clothes - the ones I wear on the plane. I will bring a suitcase, though. It will contain the blessed Baijiu, one of the liquors mentioned in the omnivore meme back in September. You'll all get to add one more item to that list of things you've tried.