Sunday, November 16, 2008

Five Things About Me

I've been tagged by konagod for a meme! Cool! And flattering.

Apparently this is 5 things people may find interesting about me. Okay.

1. I have tried out for Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire and The Price Is Right (where you actually just go there, you don't audition or anything). I'd love to be on a game show and win money just for knowing things. But apparently, I didn't know enough. ;-)
2. In high school, a friend became hysterically pregnant with my baby. Yeah, I got a girl pregnant. Pretty freaky. She was a good friend who had had a fucked up childhood and wasn't very emotionally healthy. Anyhoo, she went to a few doctors with symptoms of pregnancy. The third finally sent her to a shrink, who figured out her issue. Chicks have always kinda dug me.
3. When I was 18, I registered to vote at school. As a Republican. It's what Ayn would've wanted. A little later in life, I changed to a Libertarian as I thought government should get out of peoples' personal lives. I didn't really understand Libertarianism very well. Now I'm home - a registered Democrat. We can't just let the poor in this country die because they don't have health care or food or heat. And who is supposed to take care of them? All of us. Society. E pluribus unum. Much different answer from when I was 18.
4. When I was a gangly, awkward teenager entering puberty (I was a bit of a late bloomer) who thought that dressing up meant wearing a sweater with your jeans instead of a T-shirt, my parents sent me to the Barbizon School of Modeling hoping it would up my girl skillz. I learned how to put on makeup and how to take off my jacket gracefully while walking down a runway, but this stuff didn't translate into real life like the rents and I had hoped (although girlfriend can sashay in some heels). I was still gawky and socially clueless. But I was a happy girl, so who cares?
5. I've probably had more than 50 jobs. When I was younger, if I didn't like a job or a boss, I left. I was never disrespectful - I always gave a two-week notice and fulfilled it to the best of my ability, but I couldn't understand staying where I wasn't happy. Now I've got a job that I like about 50% of the time. But, hey, I've got a husband and a house and a mortgage and health insurance. Life gets so complicated when you get older. :)

I think those things are relatively interesting. I hope I haven't let kona down. And now I tag Toast, Chemist, maurinsky, nightshift and all the Howards.


konagod said...

Yeah, I went through the Libertarian thing and while I still like the idea, the Party as a whole might have derailed at some point. I just despise political parties in general.

And 50 jobs? I'd like to know how many I've had. I'll bet I could count close to 50 and that gives me something to do when I have time. It'll be difficult because some of them only lasted a day!

Mike said...

Number 2 is pretty weird. I'm not sure I get it, but delusion and lack of contact with reality are pretty abstract I guess.

I'm not "registered" with any party, including the third parties. But Libertarianism, as a concept, comes closest to my thinking.

That said, there was no way I was voting for Republican-in-disguise Bob Barr this month. If Ron Paul ran, that'd have been a different story.

nightshift66 said...

That was pretty cool stuff. Since I'm in the boonies, I never had an opportunity to try out for a game show. However, I've been told many times that with my wealth of trivia, I should. I had one lady offer to buy me a ticket to Hollywood to try out for Jeopardy! if I'd split my winnings with her.

Had my fling with the libertarians, and on social issues I'm still pretty much there. On economic issues, I favor too much government regulation to qualify.

I shall begin to work on my five forthwith.

maurinsky said...

I have a draft going for this one, but I'm having trouble thinking of things that are interesting to anyone but me.