Saturday, August 9, 2008

Free Lee

It's only been one day since the news broke, but I don't see this becoming the firestorm that Lee Stranahan thought it would. Phew! It's not pretty, because John Edwards will now come crashing down off of his pedestal, but I don't think the media is going to do much with this. It's a juice story, but it's not like he's the candidate or anything. And thank Flying Spaghetti Monster for that. It would most indubitably have been our downfall.

I was originally going to lament over how John Edwards could have been so incredibly stupid as to jeopardize the future of this country to feed his own ego. But then I went over to Kos to see what kind of kerfuffle Lee had stirred up. WTF?!?!?!?!? Seriously? He's banned? Uh, he was right. I don't know if he got it right that the blue states would have necessarily pounced on this were it Romney as he is a douchebag and a Mormon, but it would've made for a lot of jokes. That's all. Everything else Lee stated in his post was accurate. He actually didn't even go far enough stating how irresponsible it was of Edwards.

Lee got accused of being rude and that's why he was banned. Wow, what complete and utter bullshit. If people had said half the shit about me, I may've been rude in retort...

And I was attacked. Read the comments if you have any doubts. I was called an asshole and a prick and a douchebag and liar and a troll and a concern troll and if I wasn’t troll, I was sure ACTING like a troll. People said I fucked gorillas and dogs. I was compared to dictators and told my penis should fall off. I was accused of being a GOP operative. It was seriously suggested that I worked for Karl Rove or Walmart. My motivations, intelligence, honesty, fitness to write and future prospects were all questions.

Lee's a very old friend and he's wicked smaht. I'm glad to see that his extreme intelligence has taken him down the same path that I followed - from Objectivist to Libertarian to Democrat. It's a strange path, but my bestest of friends have followed it also. That's saying something. But anyhoo, I shall be contacting the administrators over at Kos and asking for an apology and his disbanment (is that a word?). I know he has some friends among my (borrowed) readers (I'm looking at you, Chris Howard), so I hope you'll follow me over.


John Howard said...

I can't stand the way blogs form these bullshit communities as they get bigger, where you can't say anything that even hints at disagreement with the prevailing opinion without getting shit like this for it. I've never read Kos much anyway, and I'm glad.

Chris Howard said...

This was crazy. I saw the Kos story at his blog. Even on his Huffington Post piece, the commenters were getting hostile. I'll send the Kos admins an email.

Mike said...

I don't read Kos either. And hearing about shit like this explains why.