Monday, May 19, 2008

Comedy Central Joke of the Day

The Rescue

One day, three boys were walking over a bridge when they heard a guy yelling for help. It was President Bush. He was drowning, and the three boys rescued him. He thanked them dearly and promised them whatever they wanted as a reward.

The first boy wanted $10,000, so Bush gave him the money. The second boy wanted a Ferrari, so Bush gave the boy a Ferrari.

The third boy wanted a wheelchair, Bush said, "Why do you want one of those, son? You're not handicapped." The boy replied, "I will be when my dad finds out whose life I saved."

(This joke actually takes the place of another joke which I found very funny, but realized that it might offend someone or hurt their feelings. If you want to know what the other joke was, let me know.)


Chris Howard said...

It's always safe to make Bush the butt of the joke :)

Morwenna said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Bush wackers!