Sunday, May 25, 2008

Toast's Booze Meme

1. Beer, wine, liquor, mixed drinks. Rank 'em.

1. Wine
2. Mixed drinks
3. Beer
4. Liquor

2. How often do you drink?

Every day. And I have a schedule that I usually follow: Mondays - one drink;
Tuesdays - one drink; Wednesday - pasta night, split bottle with Toast;
Thursday - one drink; Friday, Saturday and Sunday - whatever I feel like.

3. Favorite Scotch?

I don't know that I have one. I've always had a special place in my heart for
Drambuie, but that's only Scotch-based.

4. Favorite Bourbon?

Don't have one.

5. Favorite tequila?

Don't have one.

6. Favorite Gin?

I'm sorry if this is boring, but I don't have one.

7. Favorite Vodka?

Don't have one.

8. Favorite Rum?

Captain Morgan's - it is awesome with egg nog.

9. Drunkest you've ever been?

I don't know if this was literally the drunkest I'd ever been or if it was when
my body started to metabolize alcohol differently, but there was a time that I
was carried into my apartment and put to bed by a friend (that had happened
before), but I was still drunk the next morning. That was a first. I had to
call out of work drunk. Not that I couldn't answer phones at the call center,
but there was no way I could drive there.

10. Red or White?


11. Best wine you've ever tasted?

Hmm...I have a short memory. The last one I had that knocked my socks off
(besides the two I will mention shortly) was "7 Heavenly Chards" by Lodi
Vineyards (aka Michael-David Wineries). It is their clever answer to "7
Deadly Zins." Gotta love punny wine. Oh, and it's amazing.

12. Favorite type of wine?

Shiraz (syrah) and pinot noir.

13. Favorite every-day red?

Sebeka Cabernet Pinotage.

14. Favorite every-day white?

Don't drink white that often. I used to, though, and my favorite back in the
day with Luna di Luna and it was a blend - chardonnay and pinot grigio I
believe. (Funny story - I once made a comment about a nice little pinot
grig-ee-o I had tried. Oops!)

15. Best value wine?

The Show.

16. Do you drink box?


17. Fastest you've ever gotten drunk?

When I was 13, my friend, Angel, and I went into Forest Park and drank stuff she
had snagged from her mother's liquor cabinet. It was all about the experience.
Even though it all tasted like shit, we were curious. We were drinking straight
rum and vodka out of Tupperware containers. When my father found me, he made
me drink more from a 16-oz. McDonald's glass. I think Grimace was the
last thing I saw before I started spewing, quite literally, all over the house.
Once in the kitchen, once on the stairs, once at the top of the stairs, of
course in the bathroom, then all over myself in my sleep. Poor Mom.

18. Longest you've ever stayed drunk?

I have to be in a really special mood to enjoy drunkenness, so I usually don't
stay there longer than a few hours, maybe a night if I'm in one of those moods.

19. Ever do anything you really regret while drunk?

Not really regret, but I recall Lee Stranahan telling me I was an asshole when I
was drunk. We had gone to see a Police cover band in Vermont (they had a lower
drinking age than Massachusetts) and something happened with the spilling of the
popcorn and I had been thoroughly enjoying it and I got belligerent. Sorry,

20. Favorite lager?

Corona in the summer, Stella all other times.

21. Favorite IPA?

I do not like IPA's. Not a big hop fan.

22. Favorite brown ale?

Dogfishhead Indian Brown Ale.

23. Favorite doppelbock?

I got nothin'.

24. Favorite Belgian?

I wish I could be clever like 'Shift here, but again, I got nothin'.

25. Favorite stout?

Young's Chocolate Stout.

26. Favorite Winter Ale?

Harpoon Winter Warmer.

27. Favorite Scotch Ale?


28. Favorite Other?

I used to be a big Smirnoff Ice fan, but I haven't drank it in a while. I'd
probably still like it just fine.

29. Favorite Brewery?


30. Favorite mixed drink?

Margarita - salt/rocks. Tequila is the best buzz EVAH.

31. Favorite morning libation?


32. Do you suffer memory loss when you drink heavily?

Never. And this has been a bone of contention in the Toast household. I truly
used to think people used it as an excuse, because I've been every shade of
drunk and never missed a thing. I have since come to see the error of my ways.

33. Favorite place to drink?

Key West.

34. Favorite sports bar?

Buffalo Wild Wings. Although Coach's ranks a very close second.

35. Ever consider AA?

I went once, but it was for a friend who wouldn't go with me. :)

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