Monday, May 12, 2008

No. No. No.

So I had this customer today who was 85. Actually her age according to her is "going to be 86 in December." I thought only children do that. Anyways. She was very physically feeble, so I helped her out to her car. Yeah, she still drives. That's lovely. Anyways. As I'm helping her shuffle along, she tells me that she's worried about making it home safely and asked me to pray for her. I said okay.

c: Are you a Christian?
T: (make believe I didn't hear)
c: Are you a Christian?
T: No.
c: Muslims aren't so bad. They kill people, but *mumble, mumble* kill people, too. Are you a Muslim?
T: No.
c: Are you Jewish?
T: No.
c: But you said you weren't a Christian.
T: Nope.
c: Are you a Unitarian?
T: No.
(long pause)
c: I'll stop asking questions now.
T: Okay.


Toast said...

I lost my shit I was laughing so hard when Tracy told me this story. I was like, so our option's not even on the menu for her.

maurinsky said...

That's hilarious. Obviously, there is no place lower than Unitarian to go.

Chris Howard said...

Hey my word verification is ejwshvyi, which is an anagram of jewish um.. vy.

nightshift66 said...

I'm not surprised, considering her generation.